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Upholstery Cleaning Service

Upholstery Cleaning Service

Upholstery Cleaning

The quality carpet cleaning services that we provide to flooring and area rugs also serves to bring you the care you need when it comes to a variety of upholstered surfaces. Whether you need attention brought to window treatments, furniture or otherwise, you can count on Cal Carpet Clean to provide you with the same level of care and clean for these items as you can with any of your floor covering options. All it takes is a phone call to have the best results brought to your home.

Furniture Cleaning Service

From couches to chairs, ottomans and upholstery covered seating, you can count on Cal Carpet Clean to bring you the deep cleaning you expect when it comes to our carpet care options. We provide you with a thorough and attentive service that gets well into the heart of your furniture to ensure that they’re returned to like-new condition with just one visit. We provide you with stain cleaning, odor removal and more in order to bring the best possible results to all the furnishings within your home.

Drapery Cleaning and Curtain Cleaning

Large, bulky drapes can be great for keeping the light and heat from the sun on the outside of your home, yet when it comes time for cleaning, you can find yourself a little stuck. Too large and frail to toss into the washing machine, yet the cost of dry cleaning can often be more than its worth. When looking for a simple and affordable solution to cleaning your drapes and window treatments, you can count on the professionals at Cal Carpet Clean to bring you results. We have the means to provide a thorough cleaning and to keep your drapes looking their best.

Slip & Couch Covers

Having a couch cover is a great way to change the overall appearance of a room without needing to keep spare furniture around, yet the capability to clean these items properly can be difficult. When looking for an efficient means of keeping your couch slips and covers looking their best through an affordable and reliable means, you can count on the professionals at Cal Carpet Clean to provide you with results. We have the right products and equipment, coupled with the cleaning knowledge needed to keep your slip and couch covers looking their best for many more years.

Pet Furniture Cleaning

Of course, pet owners know that human furniture isn’t the only important resting space within a home. Pet furniture is a great way of providing your pets with their own space and saving some ill-effects on your own furniture. Getting the right cleaning for these areas can be just as important for your home as well and you can count on Cal Carpet Clean to bring you the assistance you need in keeping these items clean and odor free. Using the same expertise we do with any other surface of your property, you can be sure that the results will give your pets a clean and comfortable area to enjoy.

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