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Curtain and Upholstery Cleaning Service

Curtain and Upholstery Cleaning ServiceCurtain and Upholstery Cleaning

Being a fibrous material, curtains and upholstery has a tendency to attract debris, pet messes, fur and more, which can eventually build up to a point of causing odors to linger on the surface and for staining issues to cause a number of other ill effects. Eventually you can find yourself dealing with mold and mildew removal needs, damaged carpets and otherwise, demonstrating the importance in getting the right professionals providing attention to your carpets through quality stain and odor removal services.

Excellent Pet Odor Removal Service

Having a pet within the home provides you with a myriad of benefits, yet the odor issues they can cause is something that needs proper attention before it grows out of control. If you’ve been having issues with odor buildup within your carpeting and are looking for specialized treatment to have it removed before it spreads, you can count on the experts at Cal Carpet Clean to provide results. We bring the best in cleaning and carpet deodorizing in order to bring back the comfort and fresh scent that comes with fully clean carpets and turning back the hands of time on pet odors.

Best Carpet Stain Removal

Often where odors occur, you can find yourself dealing with stains as well, though a number of different possibilities can be behind dealing with these particular issues. Moisture buildup within your storage area, water damage and otherwise can all lead to staining affecting the look and feel of your carpeting. When looking for efficient cleaning that provides you with the capability to bring back the beauty of your carpeting through quality stain removal, you can depend on the expertise of Cal Carpet Clean. We have the right products and professionals to bring beauty back to your carpets.

#1 in Pet Odor and Stain Removal

Simply treating affected areas is only half the solution when it comes to bringing back the former state of your carpeting. Without a full cleaning of the surface area, you can find that formerly stained areas are now the sole clean spot. When obtaining the services of Cal Carpet Clean, you can expect your odor or stain removal service to be followed up with a professional carpet cleaning service that will renew your flooring. If you’ve been looking for a complete service that tends to all of your carpet cleaning needs, you can depend on our expertise to provide.

Rental Property Carpet Cleaning

Owning a rental property can come with a number of issues and if you have one that allows pets on the premises, you know that the potential for odors and stains to spiral out of control can always be present. When looking to refresh the look and feel of your carpeting in the wake of a previous renter, you can count on Cal Carpet Clean to provide. We have the odor removal services you can depend on, starting with the right products in the hands of experienced professionals looking to provide results. All it takes is a phone call to bring back the beauty of your carpets.

Pet Odor and Stain Removal

  • Excellent Pet Urine Removal Services

  • Stains don't stand a chance

  • We remove all types of odors from carpets

  • Most Affordable Pet Odor and Stain Removal Service


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